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Welcome to the Fox Hill web site, home of the finest portable camping ovens in the world.

For fresh baked foods on the road, at camp, or anywhere in between, try our camping ovens now available in two models: SINGLE OVEN & DOUBLE OVEN.

Now you can enjoy your favorite baked foods while indoors or outdoors! The oven uses one burner of a camp stove leaving plenty of room for a skillet, coffee pot or other cooking utensil. It also works on an RV stove, gas stove, and electric range.

At last you can enjoy delicious, hot baked foods anywhere - such as biscuits, corn bread, pies, meatloaf, lasagna, baked fish fillets, pizza, baked potatoes, casseroles, brownies, roast, baked chicken, breads, and much more.

Usually when preparing hot foods while camping, most people are limited to food that is either fried in a skillet or boiled. Now there is a way to have fresh, hot baked foods anywhere!

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Single & Double Ovens

The oven can also be used on top of your kitchen stove. This allows your home to stay cooler during the hot, summer months. Also, include the oven with your emergency preparedness supplies.


Simply light the camp stove burner, center the oven over it, adjust the flame to reach the baking temperature, and you are ready.

Due to the compact design of the oven, it is not necessary to use a lot of heat. It is best to start out with low heat and increase gradually until you reach the proper temperature.

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